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Tell us something about yourself.
I am Prabhat Gupta, a B.tech holder from Electrical and Electronics. I have started my career as Technical Support Executive at one of the best MNC Teleperformance. I worked there for 2 years and learned about customer satisfaction, priorities, Handling skills and other technical skills. Then I started working as Digital Marketing Executive as well as an intern for Web development and gain experience of more than one year and finally I started my own start-up https://prabhatgupta.com.
What are the services you offer?
I am a freelancer and currently offering limited services. I do web development (WordPress only), create beautiful stunning web sites in pocket friendly budget. I also have a team and together we are offering On Page SEO free with our every web development project and additionally we also offer premium content writing services. I am also a reseller and affiliate partner with several hosting companies and do provide web hosting services and domain services as well. To get more information, please visit “Our Services” on Homepage.
What kind of hosting service you provide?
I am an affiliate partner with several hosting service providers and I help you to choose one of the best service provider for you. However, I am also a reseller of hosting services and provide my own hosting plans. You can check the details at my Hosting page or contact me.
Please explain your content writing services that you are offering.
We are a team of professionals who are pretty good at what they do. I am a web developer and I provide web development and SEO services and my partner offers premium content writing services. She has a good back end team with her who has experience with any type of content writing at most affordable prices. Please feel free to reach us if you are interested in Creative, non-plagiarized,  original and SEO friendly content.
What do you offer as in On Page SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically of 2 types. One Pgae and Off page. On page SEO is the one where we optimize your web site according to the standards for search engines using complete white hat techniques. We make relevant changes in your site and add the necessary information and technical stuff in your site required for your web site to rank #1 in search results on search engines.
How much do you charge for your services?
We understand that usually people are looking for budget friendly services and that is what we do. We are offering our best services starting from minimal costs but depends on your project. You can check our minimum prices here. Please feel free to contact us if our prices does not fit your budget.

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Here are some common questions about Me and My Services

My Services

What are the services you offer?

I offer these premium services: 1. Web Development 2. Web Hosting 3. Content Writing 4. On page SEO

What if we do not like the service you provided?

If in case you do not like any of the service I provide from my end directly, you can cancel it anytime. You are not bound with any type of condition to keep the service active. You can cancel any of the service anytime whenever you want by simply informing us in written. You can either send us an email at [email protected] or fill the form here.

How can we trust that you are a legitimate service provider?

Every project and service you get from us, it is well documented and in written. All the communications between you and me will be over the email and transactions will be online which gives you all the valid details about me. You can rest be assured that we are a legitimate service provider and your project and services are our responsibility under the terms and conditions applicable.

Website Development

Which platform do you use for Web Development?

We develop your site on WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System which is used by almost 70% of the websites on the internet today. It is 100% customizable, user friendly and reliable portal for your business and personal use.

We want a CMS (Content Managerment Service) portal. Can you build it for me?

We use WordPress to create all the web sites. WordPress is a Content Management System and you can manage all your contents, products and services easily with its easy to use admin interface.

Do you offer free support for the websites you make?

Yes, we do offer 30 days free support and maintenance for all the web sites we create for you. Free support and maintenance is covered by our terms and conditions policy.

Why should we choose you instead of a web development agency?

Web design agencies are group of developers and they need to pay them on monthly basis plus other several expenses which makes your project expensive for them. If you hire me, you get the best services which will meet all your needs, requirements. I work as a freelancer and offer pocket friendly packages for web development. You can be rest assured that we complete our projects up to your satisfaction.

Web Hosting

What is web hosting

When you have a site, to make it live on internet, you need to keep its files on a server which is accessible through domain or URL of your site. To keep those files on a server, you need to buy some data space on that server. This is called Hosting. Where that particular server will save all your files of your web site and serve your content to visitor through the domain or URL of your site.

What plans you offer for web hosting?

We offer several plans for web hosting. You can choose any of them which fits your requirements. You can choose any of the plan from our hosting packages from here.

Do you own a web hosting company?

No, I do not own a web hosting company but I am affiliate partner with several best hosting service providers and I am also a reseller of one of the hosting service provider. You can get the information of best service providers here or you can purchase any of the hosting plans I resell. If you do not want to purchase a separate plan, you can also host your website through my hosting account and I will manage your hosting from my account.

Can we purchase web hosting that you will manager for us?

Yes, I have premium business account with the most trusted hosting service provider in the world and if you want, I will host your web site on my account and I will also manage it for you.

Do you provide free domain with hosting plan?

I am affiliate partner with most famous and trusted hosting service providers in the world. You can check about them here. They offer free domains with some of their plans depending on their terms and conditions, so you need to check it with them if you purchase any plan directly through them. If you purchase a plan through me or would like to share my hosting account so you do not have to purchase a separate account, I will definitely provide you free domain with this service.

Can we cancel the hosting plan and get a refund?

Services purchased through our affiliate partners can be cancelled according to their cancellation policy only. If you purchase any hosting plan directly through me or share my account, it will not be applicable for any cancellation. You can check our terms and conditions or contact me for more information.

Content Writing

What type of content do you provide?

We have a team of professional content writers and we offer authentic, legitimate, plagiarism free and original content written only for you.

In how much time you will deliver the content we requested for?

It depends on the content and your project. It will be discussed with you before accepting your project and we will inform you about delivery time as well before we make any advance payment to confirm the order of your project.

What is the guarantee of your content?

All the contents are written by our professional content writers who have more than 3 years of experience as professional content writer. We know what you need and we do several check for every content before providing it to you. Even after the delivery if you find any problem, you can request for revision and we will modify the content for you until we provide the best content up to your satisfaction.


How do you provide On Page SEO service?

At the time of taking your project for web development, we confirm it with you that you need SEO service or not. You need to confirm us at that time so that when we create the web site for you, we code it accordingly for SEO purpose. We offer SEO service for On page only and we do it at the time of creating your web site. If you do not ask for it, we will do it from our end automatically until you instruct not to do so.

What are the charges for this service?

On Page optimization for SEO is completely free for you. We only provide this service to those who take our web development service and we provide this service as a goodwill gesture to all our clients of our web development services. You do not need to pay a single rupee for this service.

What things are covered in this SEO service?

We make several optimization under this service. It includes: title tag optimization, meta tags, meta descriptions, headers optimization, SEO friendly URL link building, page speed optimizations, favicons, image alt text, XML sitemaps, HTML sitemaps, robots.txt optimization, social account linking, security parameters, email security, database security and other optimization for your site and contents.

If we do not want to take this service, will it reduce the price of web development service?

On Page SEO optimization is an optional and completely free service as a gift to our valuable clients. If you do not want it, you can let us know at the time of order and we will take it under consideration but as this is a free service, it does not make any changes to the price of Web Development package.

Pricing & Returns

What is the price of your service?

We have different pricing for different services. You can check our basic pricing plans here. However, these are basic plans and not fixed. Depending on your project requirements, prices may very. Final quotation of the project will be sent to you over the email after full discussion about your project.

How do you decide the price of service?

It depends on your project, requirement and features you require. If it is require to add additional tools or services through third party paid services, it will increase the cost of the project. Final price can be decided after complete discussion. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

Why do you take advance payment and how much?

We take 25% amount of final cost as advance payment. It is just a security deposit which will be deducted from the final payment and you need to pay the remaining 75% only at the time of delivery of your project. It is just a confirmation of your project.

Can we cancel any service in the middle if we do not want?

Yes, you are free to cancel any of the service any time. However, for cancellation and refund, please make sure you have checked our terms and conditions for cancellation.

What is the refund process if we want to request for it?

Normally, we only take 25% payment as advance which is not refundable. However, you can contact me before requesting for a refund to know most about the refund process. If we find that you did not take any of our time or used our service, you may be eligible for a refund. Final decision will be taken us only.

What are the payment methods?

We offer several payment methods for your convenience. You can pay via debit cart, credit card, net banking, IMPS, Paypal or Paytm as well. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or if you are facing any problem with the payment.

What is the security of advance payment that we make?

All the communications, confirmation and payments are done online. You will have proof of every communication and payment you make with our all details. You are free to take any legal action against me if I do not provide what I promised in written. We do not give wrong idea or set any wrong expectation in our client’s mind which may lead to such condition.

Project and Order

How can we order Web Development service?

You need to discuss the project with us and we will send you an email with the quotation of your project and a link to pay the 25% advance to confirm your order. You can follow the link from the email to make the payment. Once we receive the payment, we start working on your project and when it is done, we ask for the remaining payment through another link on email and you can make that payment to get the delivery of your project.

How can we order Content Writing service?

You need to discuss the project with us and we will send you an email with the quotation of your project and a link to pay the 25% advance to confirm your order. You can follow the link from the email to make the payment. Once we receive the payment, we start working on your project and when it is done, we ask for the remaining payment through another link on email and you can make that payment to get the delivery of your project.

How can we order a hosting plan?

If you want to buy hosting from any of our partner service provider, you can visit them from this page. Once you visit them, you can select any of their plan and go for the payment. If you wish to share my hosting account, you can choose your desired plan from the same page and click the subscribe button below the plan you wish to get.

How can we order On Page SEO service?

On Page SEO optimization is a free service. You do not need to order it separately as we provide it from our end. However, if you do not want it, you need to inform us at the time of discussion and we will not optimize the website for SEO.

How to cancel a service?

You can check our cancellation policy to cancel any of the service.

How to get refund for a service we paid for?

Please check our cancellation and refund policy for this information.

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For any other questions, please write us at [email protected] or contact me on +917014850665 or drop me a message.